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leather jacket

How To Care For Leather


Of all fabrics, leather is one that requires less effort to clean but has specific instructions to maintain. Whether it be your leather jacket, bag, skirt or whatever, they’re all easy to care for.

Here’s how:

Read the label: Not all leather jackets/ garments are the same, therefore they all can’t be cared for in the same way. In that case, you must always check the label. It’s there as your guide, your mentor if you want, to give you advice on how to care for it. So if it says ‘not washable’ or ‘dry clean only’ then DON’T wash it and have it dry cleaned!

Don’t put it in the dryer:

Yep, just don’t. Natural, air dry, guys!

Store it well: Keep it in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, even after its been washed. Always hang your leather garments to avoid unwanted creases and wrinkles- avoid folding or trying to do origami with it.

Store away from sunlight and heat, as direct exposure to the sun will dry out the leather and cause discolouration. So in other words, just keep it in your closet.

leather jacket

Buy leather protecting products: Leather conditioner is a great option to restore life in old leather and it also does well in maintaining the healthiness of new leather garments. You can also opt for a leather cleaning kit if you want to splash out a little more money. 

Have it cleaned by a dry cleanerWhilst home care is very much suitable, nothing beats handing it over to the professionals. That is easy time and money well spent.

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  5. Thanks for this! I’ve been doing research online, and I’m glad I came across this blog. Thanksfor sharing.

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  10. Thank you for this helpful informations. I have start small leather goods brand of leather bracelets and this common question i get from my clients. Problem with bracelets is that most people put bracelet under water while they wash hands.

  11. Thank you for all this great information about taking care of leather! one thing that I really like is that you say to make sure that it has natural, dry air. I know that I wouldn’t want it to dry out and fall apart.

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