Looking for 24h Laundromats near me in New York?

Find below the top ones in New York and nearby. Or compare how affordable collection service can be in your area.

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Our top 4 picks for 24h laundromats nearby you in New York
102 West Laundromat
102 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023, United States
Collection? Unknown
Delivery? Unknown
Westside Laundromat Corporation
165 W 74th St, New York, NY 10023, United States
Collection? Unknown
Delivery? Unknown
Soap one laundromat
304 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023, United States
Collection? Unknown
Delivery? Unknown
Collection? Included
Delivery? Included
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When finding a laundromat nearby, are you concerned of the store's
Working hours?
Driving all the way to a closed store. Including the times your laundry was still washing!
Lost/Damaged items?
Finding your clothes poorly washed or mixed with other unknown items
Rude, poor or no customer service?
Need to speak to someone and when you do, they're rude and unhelpful?
Join our community of 10,000 nearby locals in New York.

Trusting us with their most beloved items!
Perfect for large items
Melanie D.
Saves me money, time and worrying about getting my laundry done properly
Cleaner bedsheets
Pat S.
Bedsheets feel cleaner and fresher for a lot longer. The result of having them done by professionals
Carpets never felt so clean
Kim S.
Washing all our rugs and carpet is now a regular thing
Reasons why customers near you or in New York love us!
1. Your laundry gets done by professionals
Get your clothes to last longer by using professional laundry services and machines
2. You get cleaned clothes within 24 hours
Use the extra time for yourself. Or build that project you've been delaying for years.
3. You can re-schedule your laundry service whenever needed
Try us. And get your laundry done whenever you need some extra time.
What some of our local regulars nearby and in New York say about our laundry service
Alexander H.
My weekend's life hack. Goodbye to procrastination. It feels like I have my own housekeeper
Josh B.
We're quite happy with their service. Feels like a luxury without the price tag.
Jen R.
Not worth doing your laundry anymore. Clothes get cleaner for longer and look professionally cleaned
OK! How does it work?!
1. Tell us when and where to collect your laundry
From within the next 45min to anytime that suits your schedule
2. Place one load of laundry per disposable bag
Doesn't get any simpler than this. One bag per load.
3. Cleaned and folded, as per your instructions
For convenience and safety. Delivered at your home, office or drop-off location.

The new way of doing laundry is now affordable to everyone!

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