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Why should you visit Bahrain?

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Bahrain is brimming with ancient history, rich culture, and beautiful architecture. Here are just 10 reasons why you should visit the beautiful country. 

  • Pearl diving 
  • Formula One
  • Nature
  • Heritage
  • Locals
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Architecture
  • Art 
  • Spa

Pearl diving 

Bahrain is notorious for its pearls. Until the 1930s, the pearl industry was the backbone of Bahrain’s economy, and their pearls are still recognised as the finest in the world. Whilst in Bahrain, take a dip in The Gulf and find your own Bahraini pearl. As you search for oysters and explore vibrant coral reefs, you could be met by a variety of sea creatures, including turtles and barracudas. There are a number of licensed diving centers that can take you out to sea and open your oysters on your return. 

Photo by Leonardo Lamas from Pexels

Formula One

The Bahrain International Circuit made history in 2004 when it hosted the first Bahrain Grand Prix- the first Formula One Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East. Since then, The Bahrain International Circuit has hosted nine Grand Prix. If you are in Bahrain during Formula One season, usually in April, it is worth getting a ticket to watch at least one of the races. If you are visiting outside of the racing season, the Bahrain International Circuit is open year-round for tours.

Image by Isabell Schulz


Bahrain is made from 33 islands, all of which are easily accessible by boat. From trekking desert dunes to exploring the coral reefs, Bahrain is overflowing with nature to explore. A particular nature stand-out is Bahrain’s Tree of Life- a 400-year-old tree in the Arabian Desert with no notable source of water


Bahrain was home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Dilmun. Dating back to 3,000 BC, the Dilmun civilization was used as a trade center between the Indus Valley (India) and Ancient Mesopotamia. It is also said to be where the very first poem was recorded, the Epic of Gilgamesh. There are many historical sites in Bahrain, including the Burial Mounds and Qal’at al‑Bahrain from the Dilmun era. 

Image by stepnout


Bahrain is a multicultural wonderland with incredibly friendly locals. Hospitality is deeply ingrained in the Bharani culture, which makes locals very welcoming and helpful. Traditional souqs and farmers markets are great ways to interact with locals. If you are greeted with a ‘Salaam’, simply respond with ‘Wa-Alaikum-Salaam’. 

Image by Mahmood Al-Yousif


Bahrain offers a shopping experience like no other, especially if you are interested in buying gold. At Manama’s ‘Gold City’ Souq you will find vendors selling the purest and best-quality 22 and 24-carat gold, alongside precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearl jewelry. You can find ready-to-wear pieces or have something custom-made. 


It wouldn’t be a successful holiday if you didn’t try the local delicacies. Luckily, Bahrain is overflowing with incredible food to tantalize the taste buds. From khubz, an oven-baked flatbread, to Falafel,  balaleet to keema, there are plenty of exciting new foods to try in Bahrain. A particular stand-out is the shawarma, a meat sandwich served by street-food vendors. For those looking for something a little bit more adventurous, why not try a camel burger? 

Image by Roger


Bahrain’s architecture is both clever and impressive to look at. For example, the Bahrain World Trade Centre stands 240 meters high and is formed from two towers connected by three wind turbines. These wind turbines provide 11-15% of the tower’s power consumption. Alongside Bahrain’s skyscrapers are more traditional examples of architecture, such as centuries-old forts. 

Image by jimmyweee


In Bahrain expressionism, surrealism, and calligraphic are all popular forms of art. There are an array of art galleries to be enjoyed in Bahrain, including Albareh Art Gallery, which offers more contemporary pieces from across the Middle East, to Arabesque Art Gallery, which houses old maps of Arabia and lithographs from the 19th century. You can even buy some pieces, especially at the smaller art galleries. 


If you are looking for a relaxing spa-cation, then Bahrain is the perfect destination. Al Areen Spa is the largest spa in the Middle East. Complete with 78 luxury pool villas, a rainforest and igloo system, and fine dining restaurants, Al Areen Spa has everything you would ever want for a relaxing holiday. The spa’s traditional Middle Eastern design, with contemporary flair, creates a luxuriously relaxing and tranquil environment that will melt all of your stresses away in an instant. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If those ten reasons for visiting Bahrain were not enough to convince you, then maybe the promise of not having to do your laundry will. Laundryheap is fully operational in Bahrain’s capital city, Manama, so all you have to do is book your order, and leave the rest to us. 

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  1. One amazing country to stay or visit. Bahrain always reminds me of food, architecture, forts, luxury and art. Blog states the highlights of the country very well.

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