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Tips To Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free While Travelling

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Whether you’re a business traveller or just love exploring, the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes. Wrinkles take away from the enjoyment of your trip. In this blog, we’ll share a collection of tips to keep your clothes wrinkle-free while travelling, ensuring you always look your best on the road!

tips to keep your clothes wrinkle-free - hang clothes

1. Pack Smart

Make sure you are packing the right materials that are wrinkle-resistant. Fabrics such as cotton blends, microfibre and wool blends are less prone to creasing.

If you’re not sure which items can maintain their shape well, just read the labels. Usually clothes made out of linen will form wrinkles when folded but clothes that are labeled as non-iron, wash and wear or easy-care are wrinkle-resistant.

2. Roll, Don’t Fold Clothes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can help reduce wrinkles and save space in your luggage. Ensure you are putting heavier garments at the bottom of your suitcase so they don’t overpower the lighter garments.

3. Use Garment Bags and Packing Cubs

Some clothes are more sensitive to wrinkling than others. We recommend investing in a garment bag and packing cubes to protect your clothes better and keep creases to a minimum.

4. Invest in Quality Luggage

A good travel story always starts with quality luggage. If your luggage’s weight is correct, you will have no issues with the airline. Likewise, if your luggage offers durability, enough room and organisation, your clothes should have no wrinkling issues.

tips to keep your clothes wrinkle-free - fold clothes

5. Pack Wrinkle-Release Sprays

If you don’t have an iron or steamer, wrinkle-release sprays are your best friend. They get rid of wrinkles in a quick and easy way. What’s more, is that they are cheap to purchase! To apply, simple lay your clothes on a flat surface and then spray on your clothes to get the wrinkles out. Once this is done, air-dry your clothes.

6. Avoid Overpacking

Overpacking can lead to clothes being crammed in your suitcase, causing wrinkles. Always be selective about what you pack. We are all guilty on packing clothes we don’t usually wear during our trips but to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, pack efficiently and fewer outfits.

7. Hang Clothes After Checking-In

When you check in at your hotel and arrive in your room, get all your clothes out and hang them. Almost all hotels will have hangers so take advantage of this. Leaving clothes in your luggage for the entire team will lead to dust and wrinkles forming.

8. Choose Laundryheap To Iron Your Clothes

It is okay if your clothes are a little wrinkled or crumbled up. It happens when you are travelling. However, you can always book a service like Laundryheap to make your clothes look good as new again!

Laundryheap’s ironing service is highly convenient for you while travelling. The booking process is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you book a service, our team will collect your clothes from the hotel reception and deliver them back within 24 hours – all clean, fresh and wrinkle-free!

laundryheap booking - collection

9. Check The Weather Forecast

It goes without saying but one of the biggest (and avoidable) mistakes travellers make is not checking the weather forecast. You don’t want to pack jumpers and jackets without realising the weather forecast is quite warm. Not only does this lead to overpacking but your clothes will be wrinkled.

With these tips to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, you can travel more confidently and your clothes will thank you!

We hope you land with wrinkle-free clothes and the frustrations of wrinkled clothes fly away! Bon voyage!

If you need help with ironing, just get in touch with us and our professional team will help you!

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