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Tips To Clearing Out Your Closet

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When it comes to clearing out your closet, it can be tough. Why? Because of the whole decision making process. You come across items of sentimental value or items that you think you might wear again (but probably won’t). 

The worst part is when procrastination hits on the days you plan to clear out your closet and it’s all cool and calm to reschedule, until you can no longer find or fit anything in there anymore.

It’s actually pretty simple getting rid of clothes you don’t really need, you just need to have a quicker decision making process.

So how do you begin clearing out your closet? 

First things first…

If you look into your closet and find yourself thinking ‘I need to clear out my clothes’ then the time to do that is now! Don’t put it off, instead, make a note in your calendar or a reminder on your phone that you NEED to clear out your closet.

Now let’s begin!

  • Remove EVERYTHING!

To clear out your closet properly, you must take everything out until it’s completely empty and put your clothes somewhere easy for you to look through and separate (basically your bed or floor). 

  • Get Some bags

Take a few trash bags and donation bags for the clothes you’re not going to keep. If you don’t automatically receive donation bags, label some trash bags clearly for donation with masking tape. 

A quick note: For clothes you’re going to ‘trash’, you can actually put them in for recycling. If this system isn’t already implemented in your location, browse online for a textiles recycling bank or company who can take care of it for you.

  • Keep the usual

Begin to sort out your clothes by keeping and setting aside the clothes that you already wear often or ones that you know you will still wear. Fold them neatly and/or hang them back into your wardrobe to make it easier when putting away.

  • Decide which clothes to ditch

Once you’ve set aside the clothes you’re definitely going to keep, it’s time to decide which clothes you’re going to say bye to. 

To help minimise indecisiveness, think about the following factors:

  • Have you worn it in the last 6 months? If you haven’t, you should definitely give it away. Surely if you haven’t worn it in half a year, what makes you think you’ll wear it again?
  • Does it still fit you? Try it on to see if it still fits, otherwise, donate it!
  • Does it make you look good? Do a few outfit tests, try it on and pair it with some of the clothes you’re keeping. If it looks horrible, donate it, if you can still make it work, keep it.
  • Is it damaged? If it’s damaged and can’t be repaired, then recycle it!

Remember to sort on the go to make things quicker, so once you’ve decided on the items you’re going to throw or donate, put them straight in to its appropriate bag! The ‘keep’ clothes can be set aside for putting away later.

Here’s a flow chart to help you decide whether to keep, recycle or donate your clothes:

clearing out closet flow chart

  • Finalise and finish

After you’ve gone through your entire closet, it’s time to close up the bags and put them in the right place. Depending on your location, here are the options you might have available:

For clothes recycle:

  • Drop off to a nearby textiles recycle bank.
  • Schedule a collection with a textile recycling company.
  • Leave in recycling box outside home for collection.

For clothes donation:

  • Take to local charity drop-off point.
  • Schedule a collection with a charity of your choice.
  • In locations where you automatically receive donation bags, leave them outside of your home, visible for collection.

Finally, sort out the clothes you kept, put them away neatly, get them cleaned (if you must) and give them to a laundry service.

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