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Flowchart: Should You Wash It Or Wear It?

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It’s quite often that we have clothes that’s been worn twice of thrice, which leads us to debate and question whether we should wash it or wear it again.

For most of us, worn clothes are thrown on to ‘the chair’. You know the chair right? The one where you pile up your already worn clothes on it? Yeah that one. 

I admit, I do this sometimes. It happens because we either:

1) Plan to wear it again the next day.

2) Don’t want to mix it with our neatly folded, clean clothes in the wardrobe.

3) Feel too lazy to put it away.

Or, all of the above.

My point is, it’s just a little tricky deciding how many times it’s okay to wear something before we have to put it into the wash again, especially if our clothes don’t smell or look soiled at all.

So, how do you decide if you should wash or wear your clothes again?

Here’s a fun take on how to quickly decide whether to wash or wear your already worn clothes again. 

Wash or Wear flow chart (2)

Should your ‘chair of clothes’ require a good washing and the pile is too huge and you feel lazy, schedule a laundry collection service with us.

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