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productive winter

How To Stay Productive During Winter

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I don’t know about you, but when winter comes, it just makes me feel super unproductive. The weather becomes colder, days become shorter and darker. These factors make me want to stay in the warm indoors and do nothing all day!

However, to stay indoors all day because it’s cold is unrealistic and it’s definitely not the solution to avoiding the cold weather either!

If you’re one who feels less productive during winter, here are some ways which you can stay productive during the cold months:

  1. Be healthy
  2. Stay Warm
  3. Catch up on household chores
  4. Attend festivity events
  5. Spend more time with special people
  6. Set goals for yourself

Be healthy:

  • Get physical: I know it’s ‘too cold to exercise’ but exercise keeps your body and mind active, so it will avoid you feeling unmotivated. Why not go for a walk as an exercise alternative? This will at least keep your body from feeling sluggish and will give you a head start on productivity.
  • Eat clean: Winter is one of the seasons where the temptation to eat junk is upon us all and not just because it’s the holidays. This is one of the reasons why we feel so lethargic during the winter. Keep your plate clean and eat foods that give you energy!

eat clean, be productive

Stay warm:

Work your winter clothes and wrap up properly. Whip out your parka, trench coat, fur coat, your wool jumpers, turtle neck jumpers, boots, etc etc. Stay warm yet stylish, because the better you feel in your winter clothes, the more you’ll want to spend time doing things you need to do.

warm productive winter

Catch up on household chores:

Something that will surely keep you productive is catching up on household chores that you may be a bit behind on. Whether that’s dusting or scheduling your laundry to Laundryheap whilst you clean out your closet and make room for winter clothes.

laundry productive winter

Attend festivity events:

  • Winter fairs: As winter months typically fall between December-January, this only means festivity! You’ll find that there will be many ‘magical’ Christmas events like Winter Wonderland.
  • Winter markets: All around the main cities of London, there will be Christmas markets that vary between November- January. Major cities within the UK also hold these festive markets that are sometimes grand than the ones around London. Check out these top Christmas markets within the UK.

If you reside outside of the UK, I’m sure there will be many festivity events that are just as ‘magical’ for you to check out too. Just do a quick google search. 🙂

These events will surely keep your energy and spirits up for the winter!

prodcutive winter

Spend more time with special people:

Since this time around, it’s school break and holidays, it’s a great chance to spend time with family and friends! Have a catch up over a warm coffee, go ice-skating, attend a winter market/fair. Just enjoy each others company! Give yourself something to look forward to doing over the winter.

productive winter with friends

Set goals for yourself:

Winter usually means a year is ending (or has ended) and a new one will soon begin (or has begun). Why not take the time to note down things you wish to achieve in the upcoming year? This could be work or school related and even general personal development. Anything that will motivate you to work hard to achieve a goal or aspiration. You can also try and learn something new, like a language for example.

There may also be some tasks that you planned to do but never got around to doing like visiting a place you’ve always wanted to see or reading a novel you’ve always wanted to read. Why not do it now to keep yourself productive in the winter?!

productive winter

How do you stay productive during winter months?

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