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Very solid service, clothes were returned well laundered and on time. Will definitely be using again - very convenient.

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David from NYC

Common shirt cleaning and other procedures

  • Deep stain removal
  • Regular cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Move out/in cleaning
  • Removing unfriendly odors
  • Soda removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Dust removal
  • Coffee removal
  • Blood removal
  • Ink removal
  • Crayon removal
  • Chocolate removal

Average costs for our other dry cleaning services in Washington D. C.


Shirts & Tops

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Suits & Trousers

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Dresses & Skirts

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Accessories & Homewear

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Our processes for shirt cleaning and other services in Washington D. C.

Step 1

You tell us when to collect your shirts and other items.

We might be able to collect it as soon as in 30 minutes - Check availability

Step 2

We look for stains and start manual stain removal

Step 3

We verify if the stains are in the process of being removed

Step 4

We wash the clothes with our special mix detergent

Step 5

We check again for the stains

Step 6

We start the drying, folding and ironing process

Step 7

We deliver your shirts and other items on a day/time of your convenience

How to request the shirt cleaning service

How it works schedule

Request your clothes to be picked up

Ideally signaling the stains

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How it works driver

We collect and clean your clothes

Following highest standard process

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How it works delivery

We deliver your clothes

Stainless and like new

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We collect, clean and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning in 24 hours.
Standard wash for just $26.25
15 lb of laundry - 90° machine wash and tumble dry.
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FAQ - Common questions about shirt cleaning

What is difference between a women's shirt and a men's shirt?
There are many differences between a women and a men's shirt, starting with the way they are made. Men shirts go through a strong process meant to remove grease and body oils. Also, they are placed onto a shirt buck and they are pressed flat between 2 large metal plates. This presses the cotton with extreme heat - the buck is made only for men sized shirts, which is also why the price is lower. On the other side, women shirts usually have different cuts, having curves instead of being straight as the men's ones. This stops the facilities from using the same machinery for processing. Furthermore, almost always, the care labels of blouses will recommend a cold water wash due to the textiles and factory finishes - they are not made to last in a hot commercial laundry as men's shirts do. On top, most of the times, women's shirts also require a hand finishing.
Do you wash my clothes together with other people's clothes?
Absolutely not. Each order is washed separately so no need to worry about that. Your clothes are safe with us!
What is the turnaround time?
You will be happy to know that last month we have delivered 98.7% of all standard laundry and dry-cleaning within 24 hours. We will always do our best to let you know in time if you included items that require a longer time to process, or if there are any delivery changes in your order.

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