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Very solid service, clothes were returned well laundered and on time. Will definitely be using again - very convenient.

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David from NYC

Common Laundryheap’s cleaning procedures

  • Deep stain removal
  • Regular cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Move out/in cleaning
  • Removing unfriendly odors
  • Soda removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Dust removal
  • Coffee removal
  • Blood removal
  • Ink removal
  • Crayon removal
  • Chocolate removal

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Accessories & Homewear

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Free same-day collection
Our driver picks up your dry cleaning in the same day. No additional fees.
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We collect, clean and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning in 24 hours.
Standard wash for just $26.25
15 lb of laundry - 90° machine wash and tumble dry.
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FAQ - Common questions about ironing

I gave items for ironing only but they still seem wrinkled. Can you explain
Without washing, the ironing quality of very creased garments might not be as expected. If your items are very wrinkled, we strongly recommend opting for a 'Dry cleaning & Ironed laundry' service as everything will be then ironed fresh out of the washing/dry cleaning machine and the results will be fantastic. See our reimbursment policy area for more information.
What is the turnaround time?
You will be happy to know that last month we have delivered 98.7% of all standard laundry and dry-cleaning within 24 hours. We will always do our best to let you know in time if you included items that require a longer time to process, or if there are any delivery changes in your order.
What services does Laundryheap provide?
Laundryheap provides different services.
Laundry service - the items of clothing are machine washed at 30 degrees and tumble dried at a medium temperature, then packed together.
Dry cleaning & ironed laundry - the items are processed individually, either dry cleaned or washed, then ironed and placed on hangers for you to wear immediately.
Ironing only - you can send us your clean clothes and we can iron them for you. Please have in mind that ironing will not remove all wrinkles if the clothes are extremely creased. If this is the case, we strongly recommend opting for a "Dry cleaning & ironed laundry" service.
Bedding - Items such duvets, pillows, blankets, etc, will require a 72h processing time and they will be priced individually.
Please note that some services might be available only in certain areas, so please check our website for more details.

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