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The Right Way To Store Away Your Winter Clothes

It’s out with the cold and in the heat! Spring is finally here and that means making room in our wardrobe for our spring and summer clothes. But how and where do we store our winter clothes for the time being? Fortunately for you, we have some tips on how to store away your winter clothes properly.

The Right Way To Store Away Your Winter Clothes

Here a few things you need to do before you go to store your winter clothes away:


Before you even think about storing away your winter clothes, make sure to laundry and dry clean everything first. You don’t want to be storing them along with the dirt, bacteria and germs that your clothes have accumulated during the winter. Keep them fresh and ready to wear when the winter season comes again.

  • Repair any minor damages

A missing button? or loose a thread? Repair anything that appears damaged or broken before you store them away, so it’s ready for the next wear. Minor repairs can be done yourself, but you can send clothing with more difficult repairs to a local tailor to get them fixed.

  • Get rid of unwanted clothes

Noticed a few winter sweaters that you no longer wear? Set those pieces aside to be donated. Get rid of the winter clothes that you no longer wear anymore. Give them to your friends or family, donate them or sell them.

Storage Methods

  • Plastic storage containers

Keep all your clothes neatly folded and stacked away inside plastic storage containers with tight fitting lids. Make sure not to overfill the box though as this will crease your clothes as well as not giving them air to ‘breath’. Don’t forget to include the chunky knits- it wouldn’t be a good idea to hang them as it will deform its shape.

  • Wooden or plastic clothes hangers

Hang your bulky coats and jackets on sturdy plastic or wooden hangers.

  • Garment bags

Hang your more delicate coats (such as fur, down or leather) and other delicate clothing in garment bags to keep them protected and in good condition.

Make sure to store your clothes in a well-ventilated area. This means avoid storing them in humid areas such as the attic or garage. 

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10 Clothes Storage Hacks

Oh no! Running out of space in your closet to store your clothes? Can’t invest in a walk-in wardrobe yet? Not to worry, with these 10 simple clothes storage hacks, you’ll be able to maximise every storage space you have.

  1. Add dividers to drawers: Maximise and organise drawer space by putting in dividers to separate items by your personal preference.                                                    
  2. Use chains or soft drink can tops: Attach chains or soft drink tops to the top of the hanger to be able to triple your hanging space.                        
  3. Use shower ring hooks: Another great way to save and maximise hanging space is to use shower ring hooks. Clip these hooks onto trouser hangers to keep scarfs, tank tops, vests, anything with straps or anything that dangles, tidy.
  4. Have a clothes rod: If you already have a wardrobe with a built in clothes rod, why not install another one underneath? (If you have plenty of room that is!) Or install a clothes rod if your wardrobe doesn’t have one. Again, it helps in saving space by hanging up your clothes!
  5. Invest in a clothes rail: If there is no room in your wardrobe to put a clothes rod, then get yourself a clothes rail! Clothes rails come in a range of sizes so you can pick what’s best suited for your room size. You can also DIY 🙂                                                  clothes rail storage                                                    
  6. Storage under bed: A great way to keep things looking tidy and out of sight is to store items in a storage compartment underneath your bed! Invest in storage boxes that are made to fit underneath the bed or if you’re looking to buy a bed, buy one with built in storage.                                                                                                                      clothes storage 
  7. Use shelves: Shelves are a great option to store and show off items such as shoes, bags, hats and folded clothes etc.  Tip: Use a big book shelf or floating shelves for a chic look.           
  8. Use baskets: Store items such as PJ’s, sportswear and more, to keep space tidy and free of clutter. Put them on top of your wardrobe, in the corner of a room and even on a shelf.                                                                                                                                        clothes storage 
  9. Say bye to old stuff: Clear out your unwanted or unused clothes because they are taking up way too much of the space that you need. Rummage through your closet and get rid of clothes you don’t want any more and clothes you haven’t used in 6 months- because why would you wear it now if you haven’t already in the last 6 months?
  10. Hanging organisers: Basically any organiser that hangs on to something. Whether it be a rack to put behind your door, on a wall, from the ceiling, these are great space usage.

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