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Reduce, reuse, recycle whilst doing laundry 

One of the most effective ways to lower our carbon footprint is to reduce, reuse, and recycle the items we use. That includes when we do our laundry.  Reduce the amount of laundry you do Reduce the temperature you wash … Continue reading

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Laundry essentials for freshers

Going to university is exciting. For many, it marks the beginning of adult life. You are living on your own, maybe for the first time, potentially in a brand new town, city, or even country. But, amongst the excitement and … Continue reading

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Energy-saving laundry tips

An average washing machine will use 350 watts of energy for one 30 minute cycle. This translates into 36,400 watts per year. There are some simple ways to save energy when doing laundry.   Wash at a cooler temperature Hand wash … Continue reading

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How to get laundry done in a quarantine hotel

You’ve arrived back in the UK, lugging your suitcase, and you’re immediately told that you must isolate for 10 days in a quarantine hotel. You will be provided with 3 meals a day, WIFI, and regular COVID tests. What won’t … Continue reading

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Top tips for doing laundry while in Southeast Asia

If you are travelling around Southeast Asia for an extended period of time, you will need to do laundry. Here are some top tips on how to do so. Pack smartly Travel with mini laundry detergents Don’t forget a laundry … Continue reading

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Get creative with your empty detergent bottle

Once you’re finished with your detergent bottle there is so much more that you can do other than recycle it. Here are just some ideas.  Bird feeder Kettle bells  Watering can  Homemade detergent Piggy bank Bird feeder During the autumn … Continue reading