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Amsterdam travel essentials 

You’ve booked your Amsterdam getaway (WOOP WOOP), but what are you going to pack? These are 10 travel essentials that you must take on your trip to Amsterdam.  Waterproof jacket Comfortable clothing Comfortable shoes Travel adapter Backpack  Mosquito repellent ID  … Continue reading

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Singapore travel essentials

Packing for a Singapore trip takes careful planning and consideration. Luckily, we have outlined some of the essentials it is vital for you to pack.  Passport/ ID card Guidebook  Suncream  Mosquito repellent Water bottle Travel adapter Portable charger Practical footwear … Continue reading


Travel Guide To Qatar

Qatar is already a popular tourist destination but with just a month left for the world cup, tourism is going to soar to high numbers. Whether you’re travelling for sightseeing or travelling just for the world cup, here is a … Continue reading

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5 Things To Remember When Travelling

Travelling is fulfilling; you experience new places, and food and learn about different cultures. In the midst of travelling, it does come with challenges because wondering what to pack and planning for the trip can be overwhelming. What if we … Continue reading


Visiting Kuwait on a Budget – The Travel Hacks

Famous for its hot weather and wonderful Skyline, Kuwait can be an expensive country to visit. However, you can visit Kuwait on a budget without breaking the bank! With amazing infrastructure, it’s no surprise that Kuwait’s tourist reputation is growing … Continue reading

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Travel hacks for couples 

Whether its your first, second, or hundredth time travelling as a couple, make sure that it isn’t your last by following these handy travel hacks. Create an itinerary together Split the responsibilities Use 1 suitcase  But separate packing cubes Share … Continue reading

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Travel hacks for families 

Family holidays create memories that will last a lifetime. They can be incredible for family bonding and enjoying time together away from the home. That being said, they can also be incredibly stressful, so here are some hacks to take … Continue reading

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Backpacking travel hacks

Backpacking is an extraordinary opportunity full of excitement and adventure. That being said, it can also be stressful and costly. These travel hacks will help to limit the stress that comes with backpacking, and allow you to fully focus on … Continue reading


What to pack in your travel backpack

Whether you’re backpacking across the world or going on a hiking holiday, these are your backpacking essentials.  Essential documents  Money Chargers Shoes for all occasions  Plenty of underwear Suitable clothing Medicine Essential toiletries  Backpack rain cover  Reading material Essential documents … Continue reading